Entrenamiento 28/07/2014

 El Real Madrid completó el último entrenamiento en las instalaciones de UCLA antes de partir a Dallas para enfrentarse a la Roma en el segundo partido de la pretemporada.

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"I am better than I was yesterday but worse than I will be tomorrow." — Cristiano Ronaldo

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Angel Di Maria asked by suertemadrid & cris-runs-the-world

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Baby on the bench 

RM - Roma - 29/07/14

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do you have that team that you don’t love but you don’t hate either but you want them to win trophies and be successful and all but it’s not like you’re rooting for them it’s just that you want them to win BUT it’s not like you love them

that’s me with arsenal

it’s complicated



do you ever cry when you see a picture of a player who used to be a part of your team

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Training | 27.7.2014

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